In the name of the eternal we pray


In the name of the eternal we pray:
Lead us from darkness to light, From illusion to everlasting truth!
O’ Lord of love, bestow upon us your blessings, Granting us health and happiness!
May we offer love and kindness to one another So that our fellowship may grow!

 In the name of the divine, Let there be peace and harmony!
Ohm Shanti…Shanti…Shanti-hi…
~ modified from Brihad Upanishad, 300 BC

Shanti Mantra


May there be peace on earth, in ether and the Heavens!
Let the planets move harmoniously!
May the fire, wind and the waters remain calm!
May the plant life grow and the rivers flow, peace- fully!
Let there be no violence, no fear. 

Without the peace within there cannot be peace in the universe.

On the name of the Eternal, let there be peace, peace, and only peace.

~ Taittriya Upanishad, 250 B.C.